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Fix your washing machine at home

You need the clothes cleaned, but there's water all over the floor and the detergent dispenser tray won't open. Washing machine problems can strike quickly and always at the most inconvenient time.

You may be able to fix washing machine problems using the expert advice of our manufacturer engineers. If you can't find what you're looking for, we can still try to fix your washing machine for you. Book a repair now.

Washing machine

What to do when...

My washing machine is noisy and/or unstable

It is important to note that the noise levels on all washing machines may vary depending on the weight of the load. However, here are a few key factors to look out for when trying to fix washing machine problems at home:

1. Coins or other obstructions trapped inside the tub under the drum can make horrendous noises as they get tossed about on spin. They often don't make the noise unless laundry is in though. Look out for obvious dints and creases in the drum itself as evidence of a coin or similar item stuck inside.

2. Other causes of a noisy washing machine are coins and other obstructions inside the water pump. This will cause noise when the washing machine is emptying the water. Coins or other obstructions can get trapped between the outer tub and the inner drum.

3. A high pitched squealing or harsh noise can be motor bearing wear. This can also be checked for by taking the belt off and running the motor alone.

4. If a washing machine is rumbling, and very noisy on spin, the main suspect is usually the drum bearings and is a common failure that might require you to fix your washing machine. Check for drum bearing failure by taking the belt off and spin the drum by hand. If the drum rumbles when spun then the bearings may have gone.

My washing machine is leaking

1. Here's how to fix washing machine issues to do with leaks.The first step is to locate the source of the problem. Empty the washing machine, move it away from the wall and start the fill cycle. Look for drips around the water supply hose connection at the back of the machine while it fills with water.

2. Shut off the water and replace any old, heavily corroded or rusted hoses with new ones. If the hoses are in good shape, replace the internal washers only.

3. Turn off the water main or shutoff valve and unscrew the supply hoses from the back of the machine with an adjustable pair of pliers. Pry out the old hose washers with a flat-blade screwdriver. Install new gaskets in both hoses and then reconnect the supply lines.

The detergent/fabric conditioner is not being taken/used

Fast fix 1:

1. Need to fix washing machine problems with the detergent not being used? This is usually due to a blockage within the detergent dispenser itself.

2. Remove the conditioner compartment, clean dispenser draw and housing in hot soapy water to remove any blockages and retry the wash process. Also note some concentrated conditioners need to be diluted by mixing them with water prior to the start of the programme.

3. Finally check that the feet are level and the washing machine is not too low on the front as this could prevent the fabric conditioner being rinsed away. This can sometimes fix washing machine issues of this nature.

Fast fix 2:

1. If the fabric conditioner is still in the fabric compartment at the end of the wash, it could be because the washing machine has aborted the program before reaching the point where the fabric conditioner is programmed to be taken. If this has happened, you should get some flashing lights or a program selector clicking round, or some other display indication telling you the wash has aborted.

2. If not, and the washing machine is going through the wash program properly, it's possible that the water valve that takes the fabric conditioner away has failed. Also, you will find that some washing machines (such as Indesit, Whirlpool and Hoover) don't use a separate fabric conditioner valve and instead have a nozzle that directs water from the main cold valve into the fabric compartment as the program selector moves round. If this is the case, there is a lever system that goes from the control selector to the top of the soap dispenser that moves as the program selector is turned. It is possible for this nozzle to jam, or the spring to come off.

My washing machine is dead and won't start

Fast fix 1:

1. Here's how to fix washing machine power problems. First, check is that the socket is supplying power by plugging in another appliance. This is only necessary though if there are no LED indicator lights on your washing machine.

2. The second thing to check is the fuse in the plug. Either put the fuse into something else and check the appliance still works or try another fuse. Make sure you use a 13 amp fuse and never by-pass a fuse!

3. If your machine still doesn't start, it's likely that the problem is with the door interlock, particularly if the main lights on the appliance have come on, but nothing works. However, the fault could also be in wiring to the door interlock or even the door catch not activating it properly, or the on-off switch or the main control module. With some Indesit and Hotpoint washing machines for example, even an open circuit heater or motor can cause the entire washing machine to stop working except the LED lights.

4. You need to know what you are doing to trace this type of fault so if it isn't the wall socket or the plug you'd be better getting a specialist in to fix washing machine faults of this nature.

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